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Fever is a very common condition that everyone suffers from time to time. Often we rest and confine to home remedies and we can cure ourselves. But beyond that, fever can be very dangerous, especially if it is prolonged, chronic or unexplained. At Infectious Disease Center, Hyderabad, we have special doctors who are trained to cure any sort of fever.

What Is Meant By “Fever Of Unknown Origin”?

Fever is not a disease – it’s a symptom. Having fever means that your immune system is trying to fight off pathogens inside your body. Hence, to cure fever, it’s important to know what kind of pathogen we are dealing with.

Sometimes, other accompanying symptoms make it clear what the cause of fever is. If not, there are many diagnostic tests which can reveal the nature of the pathogen. But even after various tests, diagnosis fails, then we call it “fever of unknown origin”.

One common reason for such results is that some pathogens cannot be detected by the tests until they are present in a certain proportion. Nonetheless, some course of treatment must begin.

How Is A “Fever Of Unknown Origin” Treated?

Until the cause of fever is determined, no specific treatment can start. Hence, to be on the safe side, doctors try multiple treatments to see what is working on the patient and what not. The medicines are adjusted based on how your body reacts to the medication. At the same time, other supportive medicines are given to manage body temperature and other discomforts.

Meanwhile, they keep running tests until either the cause of fever surfaces or the condition is cured.

Can You Prevent “Fever Of Unknown Origin”?

There isn’t anything specific you can do to prevent such fever. However, you must aim at keeping your body’s immune system strong. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with nutritious diet, good exercise and avoid smoking & alcohol consumption.

Treatment For Unknown Fever

Obervation and constant care is the key to address such unexplained health issues. At Infectious Disease Center, we have a standardized procedure to handle such situations that even includes a guideline regarding how to change a course of treatment. If you have prolonged, unexplained fever, you can find the best treatment at our clinic.