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Being diagnosed with HIV infection is a life-altering event. There can be no mistakes in this diagnosis. Because if tests positive, the patient has to bring in drastic changes in his lifestyle to manage the infection and life a fulfilling life. IDC is the trusted HIV Center in Hyderabad with Experienced team of HIV Testing Doctors

HIV Test At Infectious Disease Center

Understanding the gravity of this diagnosis, Infectious Disease Center, Hyderabad, has set up state-of-art diagnostic equipment and techniques so that any HIV infection can be rightly diagnosed and the stage of infection can also be determined correctly.

Along with accuracy in diagnosis, our clinic assures complete privacy of the patient whether or not he is diagnosed with HIV. We offer HIV diagnostic tests for an unborn fetus of an infected mother as well.

However, Infectious Disease Center is not only a diagnostic center. If you have HIV, you can consult our expert HIV doctors for management and treatment for the same. We currently tend to many HIV patients who are living quite fulfilling lives considering the extent of their infections.

Which Types Of HIV Tests Are Conducted at IDC?

The diagnostic tests for detecting HIV virus in your system include antibody tests, viral load tests, and a combination test for antibody and viral protein.

The most common antibody test is the ELISA test or the enzyme-linked assay test. It is a blood test. Negative results, i.e. lack of HIV virus can be determined in a day with this test.

There are a few advanced blood tests that we conduct if ELISA comes back as positive. Western blot test and Ab-Ag test. This test will confirm the results of ELISA if there is any HIV present in your system. The Ab-Ag test will also reveal what kind of HIV – HIV 1 or HIV 2 – you have.

Next, if tested positive, there will be an RNA test that will determine exactly how much HIV virus is present in your blood. This test is performed using a technique called the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

There are a few other varieties of test that may be needed if for any reason the above-mentioned tests remain inconclusive. For example, the tridot test, cd4 testing, HIV resistance tests, etc.

Who Should Take An HIV Test?

You may consider taking an HIV test if you face the following circumstances:

  • You have engaged in unprotected sexual activity.
  • You have abused drugs and shared needles.
  • You have received needle-based treatment in an unauthorised healthcare center.
  • Your prospective partner asks for a pre-marital health checkup.
  • You are planning a pregnancy.
  • Test for an unborn child if the mother is infected.

You can get conclusive results on the status of your bloodstream regarding the presence of HIV at Infectious Disease Center.