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Protecting yourself from Sexually Transmitted Diseases require more than just condoms. Condoms are effective only to a certain extent. But to surely keep STDs, like HPV, at bay, you need a vaccine. At Infectious Disease Center, Hyderabad, we treat HPV and administer its vaccination after careful analysis.

Why Do You Need An HPV Vaccine?

HPV or Human Pappilovirus infection is one of the most common STDs. Nearly, half of all sexually-involved adults get infected at least once in their lifetime. If it remains untreated, it can manifest in the form of warts in mouth, genitalia, cervix, and anus. It is extremely painful and uncomfortable. It spreads easily. Untreated HPV is correlated to cervical cancer as well.

A course of HPV vaccine can immunize you from the most severe forms of HPV.

Who Can Take It?

Any person who lives in an area which is suffering from or has suffered from a swine flu outbreak must take HPV is an STD – it transmits sexually. However, it does not require penetrative sexual experience; other forms of sexual intimacy (including kissing) with an infected person can transfer HPV virus to the unaffected person.

Needless to say, all sexually active individuals must take the HPV vaccine. There is some taboo regarding administering this vaccination on teenagers. But unlike popular belief, this vaccine doe not affect the sexual health of a young adult or make them sexually aggressive or pre-awakened. Hence, it is advisable that even young adults (even as young as 9-year-old), consult a doctor to take this vaccine.

What Are The Doses?

HPV vaccination consists of 3 doses. Two months after the first shot, the second shot is given. The final dose is given 4 months later. The course may be revised once in every 5 years.

An already infected person cannot treat himself with the vaccination. But at Infectious Disease Center, we vaccinate infected persons as well so that he can be immunized against other forms of HPV which have not infected him yet.