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Viral infections are difficult to treat once the pathogen enters the body. But if you can prevent the virus from entering your system, you can live healthily. Meningitis virus can be prevented through vaccination. You can get vaccinated at Infectious Disease Center, Hyderabad, under the direct care of infection experts.

Why Do You Need Meningitis Vaccination?

Meningitis is majorly a viral infection. It causes inflammation in the brain leading to fever, dizziness, stroke or even failure of various organs. Even antibiotics aimed at curing meningitis are not always 100% effective. Sometimes they fail to work and sometimes, they incur serious side-effects.

This is why it is far wiser to take a vaccination course for meningitis and get immunization against the infection.

Who Can Take Meningitis Vaccination?

Teenagers are at the highest risk of getting contaminated by meningitis virus. If someone has a weak immune system due to a chronic disease, malnutrition or advanced age, are also adviced to take this vaccination. However, anyone who seeks immunity can take this vaccination. Especially, people who live in places which are suffering from a meningitis outbreak or frequently experience meningitis outbreak should take this vaccination.

What Are The Doses?

The meningitis vaccination comprises of two doses that are given at an interval of approximately 5 years. However, considering age and health conditions, the booster dose can be given earlier also. But a minimum difference of 8 months is kept between the two doses.

If you have a special health condition that prohibits you from getting a regular vaccination, you can consult our doctors at Infectious Disease Center to customize the vaccination plan properly.