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Tuberculosis, commonly known as Tb, is a very difficult infectious disease. If the diagnosis is not done correctly at the right time, recovery becomes not only lengthy but also painful, if at all. In fact, even when the treatment starts early, the recovery is still lengthy, although less uncomfortable.

Tuberculosis Test At Infectious Disease Center

Understanding the gravity of this diagnosis, Infectious Disease Center, Hyderabad, has set up state-of-art The most vital step towards the treatment of TB is a fast and correct diagnosis. At Infectious Disease Center, Hyderabad, we understand the urgency of the same. Hence, we have equipped our premises with the most advanced state-of-art technology which is handled by highly trained healthcare experts so that there is no scope of mistake in diagnosing Tb.

Since Tb is a highly contagious disease, we provide preventive care and health counseling for family members and caregivers as well.

Which Types Of Tuberculosis Tests Are Conducted at IDC?

An initial skin test or blood test reveals the amount of Tb germs present in your bloodstream. The test results will reveal if you are at risk of Tb or if your Tb is not active yet or if you are already suffering from a Tb infection. If you get diagnosed with Tb, you will be notified immediately. You must report to our clinic for treatment.

While we give you a few antibiotics, you will need to go through another test to find out which antibiotics are working and which are not. Depending on your drug resistance, the course of treatment may vary widely. In a very chance that you are resistant to all Tb drugs, our Tb experts will give you medicines to manage the symptoms and live a more fulfilling life considering the effects of the infection.

Who Should Take A Tuberculosis Test?

You may consider taking a Tb test if you face the following circumstances:

  • If you notice Tb-like symptoms like a persistent cough, fever, blood in sputum, etc.
  • If you live in close proximity to a Tb patient or you are taking care of a Tb patient.
  • If you live in an endemic area.
  • If you notice symptoms after you take a tour in a different geographical location.
  • If you are a healthcare professional who works with Tb patients

At Infectious Disease Center, you can get a clear picture of your bloodstream regarding whether or not you are infected with Tuberculosis.