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Dr Vishnu Rao

Certified Infectious Diseases Specialist

Find cure for all Infectious Diseases at Dr. Vishnu Rao’s chamber. under Dr. Vishnu’s care, you can regain your health fast and live a better life.


Dr Vishnu Rao

DR. VISHNU RAO is one of the best Infectious Disease Specialist in Hyderabad. Apart from an MD in General Medicine, He also has a specialization certificate in FNB (Infectious Diseases). Till now, he has worked for 7 years in the same field in various renowned hospitals in various cities in India.

He tests and provides treatment for HIV, transplant-related infections, tuberculosis, fevers of unknown origin and all other forms of infection. He administers vaccines for both children and adults. He currently works in Apollo Hospitals as an Infectious Disease Physician..


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Infectious Diseases Specialist

Our Centerof Excellence

  • HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a pathogen that attacks the immune system of the body making you weaker and more prone to diseases as it advances.

  • Tuberculosis, commonly known as TB, is a very prevalent, potentially highly infectious disease in rural India. we at IDC, provides the best quality treatment for TB.

  • Fever is a very common condition that everyone suffers from time to time. Often we rest and confine to home remedies to cure. But beyond that, fever can be very dangerous, if it is prolonged.

  • Kidneys are not the only crucial organs in your excretory system – an infection in any part of your urinary tract can be equally displeasing and harmful. But for any such infection, you can find treatment at IDC

  • Whether you want to take a precaution before traveling or having trouble digesting the local cuisine, at IDC, you can find solutions to all your travel-related infections.

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